Tragedy in Woolwich South London

I am disgusted by the footage I have seen at the below link:

Two men carried out a vicious murder on an unknown man walking around the area of the military barracks in South East London today. As a London inhabitant I am disgusted at the audacity of the man exhibited in this video and at times like this think that in many ways the British should have a similar justice system to the US. Such brutal attacks like this only warrant such treatment as capital punishment. This man was seen to take another mans life out of nothing but malice no matter what he believes it was for in the public eye it was pure malice. Just because you disagree with a government and their acts or omissions does not give you the right to go and take an innocent mans life. The two men that in my eyes were rightfully shot down by police by portraying a threat to society are now taking up the valuable time and resources of the NHS which is under enough strain helping people who are really in need.

Someone’s relative or friend died today in this ridiculous attack and I really do hope that the killers are bought to justice. Even though this will never be enough for this poor persons family and friends.

Another note to add onto this post – if you believe that the people who carried out this heinous crime deserve treatment from the NHS, deserve to actually argue their case for KILLING someone then please carry on with those thoughts but they are not welcome on this blog.

RIP to the innocent victim whose life seems to have been taken to make a point.

Very sad day.



11 thoughts on “Tragedy in Woolwich South London

    • They did not receive capital punishment they were not shot and killed by police officers they were shot and are now being treated at NHS hospitals for their wounds.

      I have not asked for comments at all however stated that those who believe the men who carried out such a brutal attack are in any way right for doing so not to comment as that would just bolster the attitude that it is right to kill another human being and I do not welcome that.


    • My depiction is merely my opinion not an actual representation of any fact, maybe I should have been clearer when I stated capital punishment as that was the first thing that came to mind – let me clear that up now. I believe the people that killed an innocent man should be put on death row and injected with something so lethal it makes their eyes pop out of their head. However they still will not suffer as this man has had to. The video is something I cannot control as it is something that the media has provided as you can see.


  1. Would you like to be the one to apply the injection? By your views, this would seem like a privilege. I’m assuming you don’t see this as actually killing another person, with or without eye-popping effects.


    • You are going completely off the point I made on my post. The point is the killers were wrong it has now been confirmed that they stated it was an active attack on the British Military and this was a quote from that statement one of the killers made:

      ‘This British soldier is an eye for an eye a tooth for tooth. We apologise that women had to see this today, but in our lands our women have to see the same.’

      Regardless of eye popping or not these rodents do not deserve the privilege of life.

      As you seem to continue this conversation and pick up on trivial aspects of my opinions my last question to you as it seems you are more on the side of justice for the murderers who have shown no remorse and have actually been filmed at the scene of the crime with blood on their hands: Do you believe these two men should be given a chance?


  2. I don’t think the issue of whether you would actually do the injecting yourself is trivial.

    Much of the human race is has blood up to its eyeballs, never mind on its hands, but who am I to judge?

    Kill the men or let them live, either way it doesn’t really change anything, except that by killing them, you remove the possibility of those two people doing anything else.

    I didn’t know I was avoiding a question, so if you want, you can re-state the question for me.


    • I hope this comment is clear for you as the other did not seem to be!

      I did not say you avoided any question I stated that you were going off the subject of the original post which was in fact my ‘opinion’ with a link to a news video published by the media.

      My eventual question to you was: Do you believe the two murderers should be given a chance?

      Now your comment to which I am currently replying to:

      I agree that it will probably not change a thing by killing them however ridding the world of such vermin would make sense. On a global scale this is not possible sadly. The british army and other armed forces put their lives on the line every day to protect the world that the likes of us live in. They want to preserve our security and sadly by carrying out their duties they offend ‘some’ people. The two pyschos that carried out this attack have taken a life of one of the UK’s dutiful servicemen so I will be damned if I am not going to put forward my opinion that the likes of such scum should be dealt with as they saw fit to ‘deal with’ that innocent man.

      Now as I said and obviously didn’t make clear in my post – if you do not agree with my statement then that is your belief but leaning towards the fact that the two murderers deserve justice is something I do not believe and do not wish to see on my blog. My blog, my opinion, my right and i’m afraid to say (in fact not afraid – happy to say) if you don’t like it I never made you read it.


  3. Actually we’re all entitled to our opinion, though there are limits. It’s refreshing to hear that the British soldiers are the good ones, though maybe it would be better if they got some help from the Americans, combined with their legal system? Goodbye, it’s been a real slice.


    • We are indeed all entitled to our opinions. All soldiers that put themselves on the front line are doing it as I said to protect life as we know it.

      What I don’t think you are understanding from my post is that by these horrid attackers should religious mantras it is being seen now as a religious attack. People need to step back and realise that these brutal killers are two individuals with their own minds and insidious beliefs and have taken a life claiming it was for religious purposes that is wrong.

      As for the collaboration of the US & UK government and justice system that would certainly spice things up. Going on that comment I’m guessing you are from the US. If I was pedantic like yourself I would take that comment offensively but thankfully I am not.

      One last thing – the British Armed Forces like other armed forces as I have ALREADY (like many other points mentioned) work incredibly hard to preserve life as we know it at home in our comfortable houses and lifestyles. Show some respect.

      It certainly has been a slice of time I won’t get back from arguing a valid point with someone who clearly has a bee in his bonnet about a clear cut murder by two absolutely crazy individuals.


  4. I’m not American. When my prime minister and his cabinet take office, they take an oath to protect the queen, her family and their assets. I live in Canada, but I don’t know what this oath means.

    Over here there are limits to publicly expressed opinions. When they are exceeded is when the opinions become what is referred to as “hate literature”.

    Over here domestic police are separate from the armed forces – you brought up that whole issue, not me. You’ve gone from a domestic act of violence committed by one or two men, and then you’ve spread that out into an “international problem”, if I may summarize your non-domestic comment in those two words. I suppose the next part will be your view on what the correct religion is, the one the foreigners refuse to accept?

    I’ve tried to say goodbye in my last post, but it seems you prefer to keep this discussion going…it’s your blog!

    As for your national situation, every story has two sides, or more, right?


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