Gatsby The Movie In 3D


Baz Luhrman’s take on F Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby was to be extravagant, compelling, magnificent. For me it was a good film and certain actors really did stand out, however it was not spectacular. Both myself and a friend love Baz Luhrman films and on that point this was not a disappointment. In my mind it was reminiscent of the production style and sequence of Moulin Rouge (an all time favourite!) but that is typical Luhrman. The actual script left a lot to be desired.

Fitzgerald’s book was one that I did not and may not finish as I now know the end of the story (of which I was quite shocked!). There were many points in the film that I wished I had a pen and paper to make notes on my thoughts at the time. This was mainly because we had bought a bottle of bubbly and seemed to progressing to the end of it pretty quickly.

Leonardo Di Caprio for me was the highlight of this film and that is hardly surprising as he was the star of the show. I found myself asking throughout the film despite make up and other effects this man does not seem to age a day (thinking back to Titanic of course!) his eyes pierced through each sentence like a glowing beacon however before I go on a my love rant for Mr DC let us move on!

The one actress that was not credited on the main movie posters I felt outshone the others with just pure beauty and class. The elegance of her movements and although she did not say much the impact of her on-screen was pleasantly received. Elizabeth Debicki ladies and gents . . .


This is definitely a film worth seeing especially if you enjoyed the book however my only recommendation would be to watch it in 2D unless of course you love 3D movies.

Overall rating:


Mediocre Beans


2 thoughts on “Gatsby The Movie In 3D

  1. My BF went to see this in 3D (free ticket given by a friend) and had to take his glasses off 30 mins in. He didn’t think too much of the movie overall. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go see this movie with him, and I’m kind of glad because I HATE 3D movies. Regardless of his review, I would still like to see it because I am a fan of Baz Luhrmann movies. I’m glad you’ve recommended it.


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