RIP to a TRUE Friend


On the 29th June 2013 I woke up to start getting ready for yet another night shift. Rolling over and checking my phone for any new messages and flick onto Facebook (I know many of you are probably thinking can people not live without it! – Well I’m glad I have it). All I can see are RIP messages and I am wondering who they are for.

Like a bolt of lightning thrashing through my core it was announced on this much-loved Social Networking outlet that my good friend Jermaine sadly passed away in the early hours of the morning. Numbness is only one of the feelings I can describe at the moment, I cannot even begin to imagine how his family and loved ones are feeling right now and all I can do is send them my love and prayers and hope they know I am thinking of them at this difficult time.

Let me tell you a little story about how I know Jermaine.

When I was much younger and first started working for the NHS Jermaine was one of the security guys at the hospital. He was always the one with a big grin on his face and only ever had his ‘serious’ face on when it was absolutely necessary. Jermaine always saw the best in people and gave them the benefit of the doubt and even if they let him down at times he would still look for the good.

Last year I went through a particularly tough time and one message came through to my phone which I sadly no longer have but from memory it said: ‘No matter what, no matter when I will be here for you ready to support you – just let me know’. That was Jermaine. No matter what he was always ready to put his family and friends before himself. There are many occasions where J has been there for me and I truly appreciate him.

I remember recently after finishing a night shift and he was on a day at one of the hospitals he worked. I popped in for a morning coffee and we sat in one of the gardens for a catch up. Every other word that came out of his mouth was either how much he loved his other half Julie or a joke about something just so we could keep laughing. He loved and always will love Julie with all of his heart and the apple of his eye (His daughter) was always on his mind.

J was a true friend from beginning to end and I always knew that if I needed advice or just a shoulder to cry on he was there for me. I would like to think that wherever he is now in the sky he is looking down on all of us and smiling his cheeky smile telling us not to worry because he will always be there.

JJ I miss you, words cannot begin to explain how I am feeling and I am sorry I didn’t wait for you to finish with that silly fire alarm!!

Always a hard worker and striving for the best for everyone before himself. Rest now hun. Rest in Peace.

Lots of love to you up there wherever you are and save me a place xxx


3 thoughts on “RIP to a TRUE Friend

  1. I am sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose a true friend, and someone who makes the world that much better because they are in it.
    Love, hugs, and prayers sent your way ❤


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