You know one thing that is currently really irking me. Unnecessary or unwelcome chit-chat. Now I am perfectly aware that I talk a lot and when I say that I mean A LOT. However I have to say I do know when to shut up (with the exception of one person in particular who really just irks me in a completely different way!). When I am at work as I currently am now and having my break I really do not wish to speak to other people hence I go to a place where others tend not to go. When people start to join me in this place I do not feel that I should have to get up and leave as I was there first. I know you are probably thinking at this point that the most recent statement is incredibly childish. However with all of my things set out for my break – book, food, drink etc why should I move?

temper tantrum

So this is how it went:

Other Person: What are you doing on that computer? What are you having to eat for your break? How can you eat all of that food by yourself?

Me: Okay so this is the point where I tell you that I am going to ignore you. If you want food buy it your damn self.

So for the fun of this post I have slightly embellished but not by much. The person I am talking about will know who she is and may or may not laugh but you know what! You wont ask me that dumb ass question again! Also hopefully you wont address my blog as ‘that little blog thing’ any time soon.

When you act like a dumb ass you will get spoken to as such.




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