Structure Mad

Having worked for the NHS for quite a few years now the word structure is something that seems to be an ingrown part of my daily vocabulary. It is annoyingly on the tip of the tongue of every brown-nosing manager worming their way to the top and stepping on their juniors as they go. After I qualified I thought things would be just a little different from the way they were before and with a new hospital and fresh start I had great ideals.

Due to structural stability things seems to remain the same and progression is futile. When put in the position where you can go to your manager and suggest and request however be ignored there comes a point where you start to show exactly the same lack of respect back when asked to complete something that is ‘oh so easy’ and within your spectrum of knowledge but you just do not wish to do so.

The point has now come for me to stop, take a couple more minutes and contemplate ‘ What have you done for me lately?’

Now I am more on the side of Murphy on this particular video even though he is a bit of a scoundrel!

So. . . ‘What have you done for me lately trusty NHS?’


That answer is the most honest one I can give at the moment as I have been waiting for over a year now to progress professionally with the promise of such events in the pipeline. The pipeline I am talking about is something of a pipe dream illusion created by the management and their bidders. One example that I can give is that it would take me at least five years to complete my degree top up in nursing so when completing individual modules I should not register them until I have reached the third or penultimate unit as by the time I finish if registered at the start most will be invalid. Now at first this didn’t bother me however when I sat down and thought about it that is a ridiculous concept and one that was cleverly thought up by the person that stated such codswallop to me in the first place. Many would think and be correct in thinking that it was a trap to retain staff under fall pretenses. Welcome to the NHS. However saying welcome to the NHS would be a bit of slate on the great organisation as I know for a fact it is not all the same. Welcome to my ward!

– Stunted professional development

– Favoritism

– Unprofessional behaviour

I have been told to whistle blow before however it really isn’t my thing as I only believe that should be used when patients are in danger. So what do I do now?



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