Have You Got It?

What you ask?!

I am talking about that Friday feeling!

friday 2nd favourite f word

Even though I am currently coming to the end of a night shift stint I am full of beans and raring to go. Things are changing all around me and I have to say I am welcoming the changes with an open mind and clear head. Currently I have only had one cup of coffee and that was before I started my current shift and as I am coming to the end of said shift I think my positive attitude is something to be commended!

So like I said before – do you have that Friday feeling? What gives you that feeling?

Personally as I do shifts I can never really get that regular Friday feeling but when it does come around every once in a while it is quite nice. I believe it is just knowing you have a couple of days to yourself to breathe and reboot!

Well Enjoy!

Just for reference I am back at work tonight and I do not smoke weed!


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