Daniel Pelka

daniel pelka

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There are various stories on various news sites however the first and only one that I can bear to read this shocking story is the first one that came up on my google search after watching the 10pm news.


The thoughts that are currently running through my head are as follows:

– Why or how could anyone be so cruel to a defenceless CHILD?

– Why did social services not continue as before and keep on top of these people.

– Why not follow the rule of trust no-one and investigate everyone?

Clearly there are people in this world that need mental help and sadly the only way that they will be picked up on is by EVERYONE being investigated. Eventually facades fall by the wayside and realities pour through, therefore nobody will be able to keep up a pretence if the authorities keep at them. Sadly I do not believe that there are not enough staff I think there are far too many doing not enough work. This little boy and many other children whom have gone through similar horrific forms of torture should never have been put in that position. An utter catastrophe.


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