Time to Detox . . .


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Soon enough I will be sipping cocktails watching the sunset and sweating it out exploring the exotic parts of Malaysia & Indonesia. So in preparation for my trip and beach body it is time for a serious DETOX. Not a one to favour fad diets I have been extremely dubious about a largely followed detox but it really is time to do something about my extra baggage (so to speak!)

Lemon Detox Diet

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Personally I am quite weak when it comes to abstaining from sweet treats and anything that tastes nice so to curb this I will be starting this whilst on night shifts as I honestly do not believe that I will be strong enough to resist during the day time. Whenever I have worked night shifts previously the one thing I cannot deal without is water so this will hopefully work well for me. I look forward to seeing what will happen and will let you know the results. Just so you know I will be starting when I receive the tree syrup which is reportedly meant to reach me by monday – the rest of the ingredients are secured in the kitchen and ready to go!

Fingers crossed right!!


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