High Five-A-Day

With my detox in sight I figure that there is no time like the present to kick old eating habits and start afresh. Inspired by The Lemon Detox post diet and just general common sense I have put together my lunch for tonight and in preparation for tomorrow night if the syrup does not arrive. In the event that it arrives tomorrow I have a nice healthy last meal before commencement!

My kitchen may have looked like a fruit massacre had taken place and the culprit mainly leaning towards that tasty character Strawberry. After bribing the skin away from a sweet orange and skinning and chopping apples and kiwi some blueberries escaped their packet managed to get washed and chucked into the mix. Some Granola and yoghurt also found their way into the mix but on the wayside to the other delectable goodies.

Check it out . . .

Fruit Massacre

In the swing of cutting, skinning, dicing and washing these lovelies I am starting to get hungry so sealing them in their containers in the fridge is just what is needed. One thing I did not realise before starting all of this was exactly how much Tupperware I own – this is a mere selection of the collection!

Healthy Carnage

On a personal note this pile of leftovers looks a lot prettier than potato skins and onion disregards! A little colour goes a long way – although the Strawberries have left it looking like I used the knife for other intents and purposes.

Food Cycle

Now I wouldn’t say that I am an avid recycler but I do enjoy separating things into their correct places and I suppose this is one extreme! OCD whilst doing your bit for the planet!

Healthy on the go

With some tasty granola boxed up and some yoghurt ready to go the finished product and clean surfaces make me feel a lot better. I hope that this sumptuous selection curbs my hunger tonight.

The list below is enough for two days of food:

2 Kiwi’s

2 Apples

2 Oranges

1 Punnet of Strawberries

2 Large Handfuls of Blueberries

4 Handfuls of Granola

1 Pot of Yoghurt

enjoy the little things

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