The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway

The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway

Bee’s Website says:

In Bee Ridgway’s wonderfully imaginative debut novel, a man and a woman travel through time in a quest to bring down a secret society that controls the past and, thus, the future.​​

​“You are now a member of the Guild. There is no return.”

Two hundred years after he was about to die on a Napoleonic battlefield, Lord Nicholas Falcott wakes up in a hospital bed in twenty-first century London. The Guild, a secretive organisation that controls time travel, helps him make a new life in the modern world.

But Nick yearns for home and for one beautiful woman in particular, now lost to history.

Back in 1815, that very woman, Julia Percy, finds herself the guardian of a family secret inherited from her enigmatic grandfather… how to manipulate time. But there are those who seek to possess Julia’s power and she begins to realize she is in the gravest peril.

​The Guild’s rules are made to be broken, and Nick discovers how to travel back to the nineteenth century and his ancestral home. Fate and the fraying fabric of time draw Nick and Julia together once again . . . soon enough, they are caught up in an adventure that puts the future of the world into their hands.

​Love endures the gulf of centuries . . . and so does danger.  As gripping as it is evocative, The River of No Return is a sweeping story of lovers who match wits and gamble their hearts against the rules of time itself.

My thoughts:

Bee Ridgway is an extremely talented writer who has managed to encompass a variety of genres in one (rather large) book. For a debut novel Ridgway has chucked the gauntlet for many others to attempt to surpass. Imaginative, creative and incredibly thought-provoking. Unable to corner this beautifully written piece into one genre I can do nothing else but list some of the possibilities with the thought in the back of my mind that there are also many more to consider. So – Fiction, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Romance, Cult Fiction. One of the bonuses I can highlight with the various genres is that the book will appeal to a wide range of readers and even get some people out of their comfort zone.

Truthfully when I first received this book and read the synopsis it was shelved and not even considered for at least a week. As that week turned into three my guilt began to rise to the surface and the first page was turned. I would be lying if I said I was instantly hooked however going by my 50 page rule I stuck it out and was enthralled by page 51! As I mentioned above this book appeals to a very wide range of readers myself being one that is put out of my comfort zone but absolutely loving it.

Many notes were written whilst reading however when it comes to summarising how I feel I think the only word that will actually work is ‘epic’. There were several times throughout the book where I had it all figured out and then I turn the page and the script was flipped and a whole different ball game starts (is that too many Americanisms for one person in one line!).

As mentioned above many notes were written so I might as well share them with yourselves. Now I must warn you that some may only make sense in my own head and may not correspond with any exact place in the book but that is why they are my thoughts.

– Great topic of study (Watching TV, Movies and trying to learn about the ‘future’)

– Constant silent stream of information – the news?

– A Chinese box with colours that should match on each side – A Rubik’s cube?

– Big smile on my face from the mention of The Shard (2013?)

Vertiginous = To be affected by Vertigo

Omniscient = Having complete and unlimited knowledge

– Magical character Ariel?? – Makes me think of The Little Mermaid – completely unrelated!

– Ede & Ravenscroft Robes – my graduation robes were made by this company – current time in the book 1815!!

– ‘Risk everything to find the change you need’

So there you have my scattered notes written throughout this incredible book. Not only has Bee Ridgway left me wanting more but I am sad the book ended at all. The last note out of the list above will stick with me as ‘risking everything’ is something that I think about a lot but I do not think I could ever do.

Thank you Bee Ridgway for such a fantastic read and to the publishers Michael Joseph (Penguin) this book was as mentioned before EPIC!

From: Michael Joseph (Penguin)

Pages: 546

Buy from: Waterstones, Amazon, The Book Depository, Barnes & Noble

NB: It seems cheaper to buy the hardback version than any other printed or you could just cross the threshold of time into e-books! 



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