## Detox Delay ##

DELAYEDPlans have slightly changed with regards to the delightful (or not so!) Lemon Detox Diet. Not only is the drink awful even with minimal Cayenne Pepper light headed is only one of the side effects I am willing to discuss. On top of all of this it is that time of the month again and personally I cannot handle that with going to work and detoxing at the same time. After going for a full 24 hours and some without any food and still feeling good I was impressed but then I hit a wall and wanted to hit it with my head!

With any kind of diet it is difficult not having the things you like so I think it will be back to everything in moderation or just under for me with a couple of days detox here and there. That is until I have at least five days off where I have nothing to do and I feel quite good in myself to start the detox again.


Everything happens for a reason – I am just trying to figure out what the reason for this detour is!



Please do share . . .

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