Kindle vs Real Books

I am an avid lover of the printed word and that is something that will not change no matter how many e-readers cross my path. Yes I have a Kindle (It was a gift) but I do not like it as much as my beloved books. There is something that is slightly inconsequential about an electronic device instead of a real book. With every turn of a page a new adventure begins and some may say that is the same with an e-book but I put this to you in a different light.

With books such as The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas and Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan where would the mystery be about the book you are reading if you went through the laborious process of pressing a button. Books that are written about books serve the purpose to inform us that the written word has been around for centuries and is yet to be squeezed out by the latest fad.

So we have – Kindle, Kobo, Sony, Nook and many other fan-dangled devices that lets face it if you are out of battery then it is bye-bye book. I understand that it is just a matter of time before you find a charging point before you can delve back into the story of the moment – it is just not the same. Yes at times there are a lot of books that will weigh you down from the sheer size of them however at least it is all there in front of you – ready to roll. Many books these days such as trade paperbacks are replaceable and like Kindle and its counterparts some are expensive and would cause heartbreak if lost or damaged.

smashed kindle fire


damaged old books

Just looking at the two images above the one that breaks my heart at the same time as warming it is the picture of the old damaged. Even though many of the pages may be unreadable they are still beautiful. The smashed Kindle however is a hazard to human hands!

A question that I always think about is: Why do I have to sign up to something and give over all of my details just to read a book?

This point is made in earnest and not forgetting our beloved libraries. Yes we signed up to get that golden ticket to the gateway of the written word but we did not have to enable GPS signalling to let the library know our current whereabouts whilst reading or downloading said book. Once again I am not denying that I use such social networking sites as Facebook, Instagram and the like but that is my choice. I do not wish to be held under an agreement that I have to publicise my whereabouts and what I had for breakfast just because I want to read my favourite book.

There is a tangent that I can feel myself running for however I will stop there as I am sure such arguments as ‘That only happens when you download’ are out there somewhere. My point is why does it happen at all.

The one and only reason I can comprehend for having an E-Reader is SPACE. But who wouldn’t want a place like this.

home libraryJust imagine having such a wonderful space and only having an E-Reader. It would look pretty bare and feel pretty pointless!

Well that is more than enough ranting and raving from me! Whilst you are reading this I will be on a plane to sunnier climates beginning my travels for 5 weeks. My book will be in one hand and a strong espresso in the other. Updates will be made when I get a connection!

See You Soon


2 thoughts on “Kindle vs Real Books

  1. My BF bought me a Kindle purely because we don’t have enough space for all my books, and I do agree with you that there is nothing like a proper book where you can physically hold it and flick the pages. And I absolutely adore the smell of the pages of an old, well loved book. *sigh* I wish I had a bigger house so I can dedicate an entire room as my library and build it up like the pic in your post – one day it will happen…. Hope you have a wonderful time on your travels 🙂


    • I think the majority of the time it is due to space. Sadly the books we love take up so much space. It does sound weird I have to admit but the feel of a book is so much better than that of pressing buttons. Blogging and using technology in my everyday life is more than enough – i dont need it to read – on top of that it hurts my eyes!

      I can only hope that I will one day have a house that has a room for books! If not then maybe a purpose built shed/outhouse/reading room!

      Thank you and keep checking back I will updating here and there.

      😀 x


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