Flight 1

From Salmon to Bloody Mary’s we have watched movies, listened to chart hits (and some old skool!) and had a good old-fashioned natter!


The Hangover III, Iron Man 3, Robin Thicke, Avici and more alcohol than we could ask for. As my travel buddy said it is like having a duvet day but with someone waiting on you with everything you could possibly need. The food does not seem to stop and the drinks just keep flowing. The cabin crew are most definitely a cut different to any other airline I have flown before and even though we are economy there is a lot going on that I wouldn’t bother wasting my money to fly business or above unless it was free or I was flying for 14 hours straight or more. As we are stopping off in Dubai it really didn’t make sense to pay £450 just to Dubai (Not even the full slog!).

There is a new book on the scene and I have a feeling once we start feeling real heat and decent weather we may get a bit snap happy!

Current book: The Color Master by Aimee Bender.
It seems that the book is made of many short stories and so far so good.

Flight 2

After a very short stop over in Dubai airport (approx 45 mins) where we found showers (the little things!) and many other luxurious products and services. We boarded our second Emirates plane and sadly it did not live up to its sister plane – although it was expected as even though it was the same company it was a very different (smaller) plane. Saying this however the service was absolutely fabulous and with everything you could ever need on a 7 hour flight provided we were smiling all the way to KL airport (and sleeping!).

Flight 3

KL airport personally was not my favourite but at this point we had already travelled for 14 hours with minimal sleep so maybe on fresh eyes it would have been slightly more impressive. Having to catch a bus from one terminal to another and pay for it was a shock as there are usually shuttles. This trip however I was happy to pay for as the bus was clean, tidy and fully air conditioned. Again that being said the service was absolutely wonderful. We then had to wait over an hour for our budget airline to decide whether they were going to open the gate or not before letting us loose on the tarmac. We boarded the plane and were both asleep within 10 minutes and managed to sleep for the entire flight – well until I was woken up by a terrible bout of turbulence that was reminiscent of a vomit inducing theme park ride. The plane from that experience should otherwise be sold as a rickshaw on wings.

Finally after landing and once again getting superb airport service of getting off and grabbing our bags off the belt we headed for the taxi rank. Surprisingly you pay for the car before you leave and get a ticket with a number on it. The wait again was very short and our bags were hauled into the boot of the car and we were off once again. Another trip that was well worth it as it was around £5 for a 20 minute journey (LOVE IT!).

There will be more 😀


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