From Langkawi with Love


A short and cheap taxi ride from the airport (15-20 mins depending on speed!) and we arrived at our hotel/resort. With an open front reception and someone to meet and greet and alleviate us from our heavy loads we were in PARADISE. After being awake for over 27 hours and travelling for most of it you can only imagine how tired and fed up we were!


As check in wasn’t until 3pm and we arrived slightly early the only other relaxation option was the bar – and off we went. Thus begins a rather healthy cocktail obsession. Who can resist a well made cocktail for less than £5. With extremely friendly staff and slightly comfortable seats (let’s face it anything would have been comfortable with a cocktail after that trek!) we began our journey to holiday mode.

The first day even though we arrived early afternoon just flew by and we managed to pack quite a bit in whilst staying awake until a reasonable bed time (10pm). Waking up the next day feeling exceptionally refreshed after a night on one of the most comfortable and clean hotel beds I have seen in a long time I headed to the gym. Yes it was basic but I still managed to get my heat induced sweat on. All the necessary pieces of equipment were available and in full working order and I managed a full 40 minute workout. Quite proud!

After the gym a long walk through the town and we managed to find coffee, decent food and the location of a highly recommended massage place. We also managed to find some cheap sunglasses and bags – I couldn’t say no.

Suitably tired we decided to retire to the hotel bar and continue our search for further accommodation and contact with family and friends. It may seem weird but I don’t feel right unless I know they are ok and with Skype why not – that is what it is there for right! This I believe will also cure any homesickness as we are away for quite a while!
With the house band singing all the english songs they know for their ‘limited’ audience we propped ourselves up and drank a sufficient amount of alcohol.

Much more has happened since but for now I am going to have another drink and relax.

Hope you are all good 😀 x


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