[proh-kras-tuh-ney-shuhn, pruh‐]

The act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention: She was smart, but her constant procrastination led her to be late with almost every assignment.
This seems to be something that with regards to my blog I have become increasingly good at. There are certain days where ideas seem to fall from the sky in abundance and there just isn’t the room to write them down or time to get them written up as a post. Procrastination is something that I generally disdain in myself as well as others however it is a trait as I have just mentioned that seems to be wheedling its way into my life.

Action Plan

– Actively make plans to improve blog
– Set times for certain things on the blog to be done
– Set achievable deadlines
– Stop writing endless lists (unless they are productive)
– Write up some of the ideas on current lists and do not add to the list until such list has been cleared
That seems like an achievable plan for the moment. Hopefully I will not procrastinate from this too. It is very easy to use work as an excuse and also easy to say that there should be no pressure to blog. However it is something that I enjoy and would like to take further so efforts must be made.
This is me, this is not a facade, take me as I am. Love it or leave it.

9 thoughts on “Procrastination

    • Very funny cheeky lady! The last thing I need at the moment is another book to put on my night stand unless it is of particular interest and procrastination is most definitely not!!! 😀


  1. I love this post! Procrastination is a HUGE issue for me that I’m trying to work on (with some success). I’m a definite list-maniac too, which fuels my creativity but not necessarily my productivity.


    • Thanks :D. My list making really does hinder my productivity as I spend more time making the list! Going to be working on personal scheduling over the next week. Have to find my diary it is somewhere that I haven’t seen for a while!


      • Ikr I always get a bit carried away haha. I have a planner and sticky notes and a giant calendar above my bed, and it’s way more fun to schedule things than actually do them 🙂


      • I know! Exactly the same! Although I don’t have my calendar above my bed it’s all in the diary! I have a desk planner that comes with matching sticky notes though! Just need to open it and start using it! 😀


  2. We all procrastinate! Indeed I think our brains need down time in order to rest. Rest and relaxation open our mind (and hearts sometimes) to help creativity flow.

    Well that’s my opinion at least 🙂

    A x


    • R&R is always good for the mind. The problem is when procrastination takes over the rest of what you are meant to be doing and that is all that is left! I am hoping my creativity finds its way back to my pages soon! 😀


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