It’s Monday Again!

monday again

There are some Monday’s that I honestly could just crawl back into bed but this is one that I have no intention of leaving. As I worked most of the weekend on nights and spent the majority of yesterday having a lovely afternoon celebrating my best friends birthday, today is my official day of rest. There will be reading, knitting and many movies watched today.


Currently Reading

Inferno - UK cover

The first couple of pages had me less than hooked to say the least. However now I am slowly getting into it and pushing past Brown’s monotonous tones (yes even in the book!) I am beginning to enjoy the similar storyline of a city chase.

On my Kindle

gillian flynn gone girl

Whilst I was travelling I downloaded this and the two follow-up books. Hopefully it will be read next but who knows!

Skin Care

ufm kiehls

I am love with Kiehl’s in general but this face cream is fantastic and keeps my skin hydrated for most of the day. I keep a little sample pot in my bag just in case I have an emergency dry spot but once is usually enough for the entire day.

kiehls creme de corps

Quietly sobbing to myself as my bottle is pumping out the dregs and I need a new bottle. I have the large bottle and have managed to work my way through the entire thing in less than a month. That being said I was moisturised incredibly well for the entire month (dusk until dawn!).

Both of the Kiehl’s products are a must have and a purchase I will be making when I go away again.


zara two sided soft scarf

This scarf came home with me all the way from Kuala Lumpur – I was glad of it on the chilly plane and I am more than glad of it now our weather has decided to slowly but crisply blow us all into oblivion. Toasty warm and extra snug this scarf is with me most days.

What are you up to this week? 



7 thoughts on “It’s Monday Again!

    • I have never read her books so I am very much looking forward to it. This is the only Dan Brown book that I can see myself finishing – he is very religious bordering on weird so that makes the book slightly more intriguing apart from that a bit meh! I gave up on The Da Vinci Code!


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