Christmas 101. . . For Me!

What is on your to-do list for Christmas preparation?

Everyone is different when it comes to Christmas and there are a plethora of activities that are neatly written/typed up for us to try and complete in time for the big day. If my last Christmas taught me anything it was that the most important thing at Christmas time is my family. Working over Christmas and taking care of other peoples relatives instead of being with your own is a very strange feeling. However the weird thing is we were less concerned about the materialistic aspects of Christmas (mostly for adults to put on for Children) and more concerned about the quality time we got to spend with each other.

This year we are spending Christmas with a lot more of our family than usual and doing it in style in the US. We have agreed to get only little gifts for each other for the day however we will go out on Boxing day or a couple of days after Christmas during the sales and get the things we want or need for a lot cheaper than the days before the big day.

This Christmas we will be waking up to have a breakfast with lots of family and friends around the table. We will sit together and talk about things we haven’t heard about in 10 years. I will be with my family for Christmas and that to me is something more important than anything else in the world. I love them all dearly and cannot wait for that day.

The many years before when the shopping craze took over me my list looked something like this:

– Christmas Cards

– Secret Santa Gifts

– Presents for Family

– Presents for Friends

– Presents for God-daughters

– Presents for me

– Lists of books and bookish things I want

– Alcohol list (Champagne)

– Food list

– More alcohol list (More Champagne)

– Logs for fire

– Candles

– Christmas movie list (Family tradition – we have a pre-made list!)

What’s on your list?!


Please do share . . .

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