1 to go . . .

After two years in my current place of work my time has finally come to an end. There have been some truly terrible times and some absolutely wonderful ones. My colleagues are my family away from home (we spend enough time together and argue plenty too!), my patients well some of them have been absolutely wonderful and provided me with so many opportunities to learn from their terrible illnesses.

Personally I think this is the right time of year for me to make my exit as when I start at my new trust it will be a real fresh start for the New Year. I am most definitely not perfect and have made a few boo boo’s in my time but nothing detrimental, only things that I have learnt from and have been able to pass on advice to others about.

Over the past couple of months the excitement of leaving has been building up slowly, however now when it comes to my penultimate shift the sadness has set in. I do love my job and deep down some of my colleagues. I love my patients and even the ward I work on. But, it is time for a change.

To my colleagues on T8 I thank you so much for everything we have been through together, learning from each other, fighting each other and others for the benefit of our patients and their relatives. I will hold dear everything I have learnt and will use the skills I have gained whilst here to push me through to my new role and make the absolute best of it. I will miss you all like crazy but as we are in the day and age where technology rules the world I am sure we will not lose touch for long.

Merry Christmas Guys and Lots of Love

merry christmas from the dogFay


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