As we arrived at London Heathrow via the swift services of Addison Lee our bags were decanted to two trolleys and we made our way to the designated Virgin part of the terminal. Due to the heavy winds and general bad weather people were camping out with pillows and blankets provided by the lovelies at Virgin. With a mixture of delayed flights and those that were just arriving with fingers crossed and hopeful faces that their flights were not cancelled we made our way to our designated check in desk and handed over our luggage. Check-in was no mean feat as it was done online the night before.

As we entered the vast expanse that was the Virgin Clubhouse for Terminal 3 London Heathrow we were greeted and alighted of our coats and bags. Coat check tickets in hand myself and the mother headed to the spa whilst pops collected a selection of newspapers and headed for the bar.

With our appointments booked we joined dad and got a drink to start our trip together. Champagne in hand we toasted and ordered breakfast.

breakfast at clubhouse

With no expectations from not being in this particular lounge before the breakfast was exquisite as was the service. Myself and mum were called to our pampering appointments. With a Dr H facial and O.P.I. manicure done and dusted my next port of call was a repeat bar visit prior going back into the big wide world of the real airport. Suitably loaded with a Breakfast Martini myself and mum made our way out to the shops to purchase some duty-free. Surprisingly the only thing on my list was the O.P.I. varnish just used on my nails.

opi lincoln park after dark

A visit to Boots Pharmacy, Zara and a couple of other outlets during the Christmas rush of unhappy customers had us practically crying to get back into the peace and quiet of the Clubhouse. Now I understand how snobby this must sound but after having about 3 hours sleep and no coffee it was more of an appreciative cry of thanks to get back into the lounge. More Alcohol? Food? No! Time to fly!

virgin flights plane from lhr to iad

With the final boarding call going out for our plane a variety of people made their way to the appropriate departure gate and boarded the plane. Welcome by Christmas jumpers, glasses adorned with antlers and the cheeriest staff I have experienced in a while we found our seats.

champs and choc

Comfort is a mild world for our future flight surroundings. Leather, alcohol, scrumptious food and up to date technology with a cumbersome selection of plugs for a plethora of gizmos and gadgets were set in front of us. I was one happy camper. The announcement was made that the plane was ready for take off. Looking around there were barely any people in the cabin and my smile just got bigger.

water and cake on the plane

The cabin crew were helpful above and beyond their call of duty and even had time for a little natter with myself and some other passengers. Such a personal experience is a rarity and one that is much appreciated when it happens. With the Christmas swing in full swing and decorations for the cabin going up we were well on our way to our final destination of Washington.

Headway was made on my current read although I was unable to finish it as the movie selection popped up and Gru with his delightful minions captured my attention for the rest of the flight.


Β This year I have been pretty lucky with my travel opportunities and the transport has been second to none. So … A BIG thank you to Virgin and all of their staff and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


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