Snail Mail, Email, SMS etc . . .

Getting tangled in the snail mail

Gone are the days that we receive piles or even a few letters from those who are far and wide across the globe. Email is becoming obsolete in front of our eyes as instant messaging takes over and with every flash on your mobile phone a new message is received.

I really do miss the excitement of opening up a letter that has just dropped onto the door mat and wondering what it says. Throughout the year there are a couple of swaps (postcards and Christmas cards) that I take part in with the blogging community. This year I am going to try and send out a card or letter each month to a random person in my address book just to reach out and hopefully put a smile on their face for that day.

pile of letters with ribbon

You know when you get those days that you just need that little something extra to give you a pep in your step, well hopefully that will help. Once a month isn’t too big of a commitment to keep so hopefully I can keep it up. There was a stationery set that I saw online that I have now lost and am unable to find but you know what it is about what is on the letter not what it is written on.

air mail letters

One of my favourite films with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks is the well-known You’ve Got Mail. Even such a film is set in the time when snail mail was on the way to redundant and the internet was just catching on. Online chat was taking the world by storm. Either way two people are conversing and taking the time out to send thoughtful messages with some meaning.


Do you guys like written letters? What will you be sending out this year? If anything!


7 thoughts on “Snail Mail, Email, SMS etc . . .

  1. I love this idea and agree email and insta-messaging, texting and facebook have ruined old-fashion letters. My Aunt sends them to me and my kids at Christmas and they love the novelty of “;letters”


    • It is a shame that it is such a novelty now rather than just common place. However I do agree with the immediate type of messaging as I wouldn’t be able to write my blog or reply to this comment without it! 😀


  2. A few of my friends feel the same. One of them in particular was retiring from work and before she did we decided to become pen pals.

    We write to one another at least once a month – which reminds me better get my writing letter set out.

    It always brightens my day to see my address in her hand writing and the little doodles she does on the back.

    A x


  3. I love a good old fashioned letter, and choosing nice paper. Even the walk to the post box shows a little more effort that just clicking send. I’d love someone to write a letter to!


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