Mend Or Make

This may be the start of a meme for me that is creative and hopefully inspiring. However not to be one to promise and not deliver I will not set dates or ask anything of you lovely readers (just yet!). The other day I saw a picture on instagram that inspired me to shake things up with my general list making in beautiful notebooks.

Well without waffling on here are the results:

Kilner Jars with bows

Now just by looking at them some of you might think – just a few jars with a bit of ribbon stuck on them. Well yes you could be right or you could look at as a creative and pretty way to store things. Also the fact that not everyone will have the same looking jars!

Full Kilner's

I am trying to find the original source of my inspiration for these lovely jars on Instagram but it is just not happening. When I do I will post it ASAP! The ones above however are all mine ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

After my five minutes (it took longer!) of madness I decided to spring clean as well. After being surprisingly ruthless with so many (I cannot stop the sarcasm!) beloved items and filling up a very oversized black bag even the air felt like it had changed. Duster and polisher in hand it is the beginning of a New Year (I still need to vacuum – AGAIN!) and clean is the way I want to start it.

Kilners on night stand

With my nightstand (stack of boxes!) tidy and my TBR pile in slight order (A way to go!) things are looking up! No for the rest of the organisation to begin! One idea that I got from my friend Catherine (Vintage Frills) was to make cards with activities that take up roughly 30 minutes into a jar and whenever you are bored to take one out. Now I am not sure I will have time to be bored with everything happening at work at the moment but in that rare moment I am sure I will be thankful.

On that note thank you to the lovely Kilner Company for making such cute jars that have many uses other than preserving and pickling! All things Kilner can be found HERE!



5 thoughts on “Mend Or Make

  1. Oh I do love the Jars! They’re a great idea! I might try it as well… though I have to start looking for the pretty jars first haha.
    I see you got the second part of the Secret Santa present! I’m so happy it made it, I hope you love the presents as much as I loved the ones you got me!


      • Don’t worry! I just wanted to make sure that you liked them ๐Ÿ™‚
        We really need to keep in touch, maybe email or I don’t know… Skype?
        I’d really like to get to know you better ๐Ÿ™‚


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