Coffee Recycling

tassimo coffee

The fact that I drink too much coffee is not a secret. This year I bought the ‘household’ a Tassimo coffee machine and have to admit I am thoroughly enjoying using it. The taste of the coffee is divine and the variety of coffees, teas and other hot drinks is just wonderful. The price isn’t too shabby either – for eight large cups of coffee (cappuccino’s, latte’s, mocha’s etc!) is approximately £4.49 dependent on the choice of beverage.

costa recycling

Now, I did not drink all of that coffee whilst writing this before you starting thinking my problem is more serious than I admit! Whilst having a nice chit-chat with Catherine over a coffee I started to think about recycling. At the moment whoever makes the capsules for the coffee is stored before and after use did not really think about recycling the contents and container!

As you can see above I got to work with my kitchen knife, teaspoon and scrubbing-brush. 10 capsules of coffee in total along with 10 milk capsules all with their tops cut out and scrubbed out. All of the left over coffee was put into my lovely counter top food bin.

coffee ground

The food bin was provided to us by Merton Council however we have to purchase the rather expensive food bags which are about £2 for 20 bags. I know we are recycling but really!

food waste bin

The bin is quite a size so only certain bags fit in it and those bags can only be bought in certain shops such as Robert Dyas or going directly to the council. I think it is time to start looking on Amazon!

image_ 072

This little beauty is in my sights and I really hope I can get my hands on one soon to begin my new spring compost project. I have some lovely ideas for the garden this summer and homemade compost will be one way I will making the fabulousness happen. Hopefully! How cute is it – you can find it over at Kilner.

Now after all of that recycling I think I will make another coffee! My choice is a Carte Noir Caramel Macchiato with no sugar (go me!) – Yum!


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