Study Time

study time

As I am off this weekend I am hoping to devote at least one of the days to catching up on some much-needed study time for my new job. When I got home last night I felt slightly deflated with regards to work but that is expected when moving from one place of work to another that is completely different. Overall my feelings are positive and happy as the environment with regards to staff attitude and numbers is wonderful.

My drawing above is one of many study aids that I make myself to help me remind the important things. I’m sure my notebook will be covered in post it notes and all different colours of highlighters by the end of the weekend.

If all goes well then I will have given myself an excuse to go stationery shopping – :D!

Moving on to other things:

I will be posting this week as there are some posts that I have ready to go so keep your eye out for those. One in particular being my Kilner Composter arrival!

Stay Tuned!

not giving up


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