My Friend . . .


This is not a love letter nor is it a sycophantic note of need. Just an expression of thanks to let you all know how much I care about a person that plays a big part in my life.

She is my best friend and the one that is always there for me when I need her. Whenever I need someone to be objective about something that I know others would just give their unwanted opinion.

She sits and listens to me cry when I am too sad to speak to anyone else, she will cry with me or just hug me and wait with me until the tears stop coming.

Her ears must be about ready to drop off the amount of times she has sat and listened to me prattle on about my latest idea or just random crap.

She is the only one that I will go to for a 100% honest opinion and know that I am getting one rather than opinion that is filtered with things she thinks I want to hear.

When I have had a bad day/week whatever she will drag me to the pub and get stupidly drunk with me and make sure I get home safely and even stay the night so i don’t wake up alone and without coffee!

We shop together, eat together, bake together, gym it together and sometimes even blog together. She is my honorary sister and I am not ashamed to say I love her very much. There was a period of time that both of us look back on a joke about now where we did not speak. It was one of the most painful points in my life as there were many things that I did that I just wanted to call and say β€˜You will never guess what I just did’.

Now that those times are behind us and there are many adventures ahead I have to say I am looking forward to an awesome year and many to come.

Ladies and Gents – My friend Catherine.


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