Kilner Composter


My very own Kilner Composter. I am such a lucky girl! I know this may come across as slightly sarcastic but I am seriously happy that the lovelies at Kilner have provided me with such a lovely product to review. And to top it all off I am ‘being green!’


When I sat down with Catherine the other day over a coffee we started to discuss how little recycling is done with regards to the containers for our Tassimo coffee machines. Both being lovers of coffee sat back and scratched our heads (not literally!) and out came the kitchen knife and teaspoon as mentioned in a previous post. Now I have a longer term solution that will hopefully make my garden look beautiful in the long run! Here’s hoping!


The Kilner Composter is slight in size but a good weight that will sit well on any kitchen counter top or window sill. Made of metal it is durable and wipe clean so mucky spills don’t get too comfortable on that shiny surface. Packed well by the reliable Kilner this product reached me in perfect condition and now it is time to put it through its paces! I am sure it will be featured in many future posts especially if my composting goes well from now.


At the moment it is picked with some great compost material, mainly fruit and veg skins and that of the like – it has been emptied twice and I am now getting a larger compost bin for the garden so this can be used as a filter between the kitchen and there. Not only is it encouraging me to eat better but it keeps the smell of rotting food at bay with its handy carbon filter.

If I had to rate this product it would get:

worthy fix

My thoughts behind the 4/5 are based on the size of the caddy. If it were a little bit bigger like the size of the average food bin it would be a lot more kitchen friendly for the average ‘family’ household without having to empty it every couple of days therefore reducing the number of compostable food bags used. However overall a handy, durable and good-looking product.

You can buy one of these fabulous Kilner jars at any of the places below:

Amazon UK 
This option for worldwide may be a bit pricey but worth it!

All Green



3 thoughts on “Kilner Composter

  1. I have been considering a compost heap for my lil flower garden in the spring. Honestly, the way I cook (or dont) Id set it up in my neighbors kitchen! lolz!
    Unless it takes take out & Ben & Jerry’s 😳
    That’s embarrassing! I need to eat healthier. If not for me then for the flowers 🙂


    • Ooh you should try it. I am yet to see any results but it’s early days yet!!! I think I need to read into it a little more. It most definitely makes you more aware of what you are eating!!!
      Mmmm Ben & Jerry’s yum!!!
      Save the flowers!! @-,-‘-,-‘


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