It’s Monday

As the weeks are just charging past there has been a mixture of leisurely reading and reading for purpose. The latter includes books that I have had the pleasure of borrowing from my works library. Personally I much prefer reading for pleasure however in this case ‘needs must’!


the first true lie my Marina Mander

This is one of the books that I have the ‘pleasure’ of reading however at the moment it seems like more of a chore. The beginning is slightly peculiar however I will stick it out for a while as this may just add to the character of the book!

delirium in critical care

This book is currently holding up a few others on my night stand. It is one of the ‘work’ books that I am actually interested in reading and Delirium is a fascinating subject.

Skin Care

This week I have started to use Aldi’s Lacura Nourishing Hand Cream (I will post a picture later today). Catherine (Vintage Frills) bought me this lovely hand cream and I cannot thank her enough. There will be a review of this lovely product at the end of the week as I want to give it a proper test against the elements and work.

nivea lip butter

This little pot of goodness has been keeping my lips chap free. Has anyone else tried it?



It’s full guys, absolutely jam-packed. Now, I am going to get a garden compost bin so I can filter out and make what will hopefully be a big pile of nourishing dirt for my ‘future’ flower garden! Have you been green this week?

It's Monday but it's ok


14 thoughts on “It’s Monday

  1. I use a different flavour (It’s Raspberry and something I believe) of the Nivea Lip Butter on a nightly basis and find it keeps my lips nice and moisturised until morning.
    The book you’re currently reading is new to me, I’m always a bit iffy when a book begins in a unexpected way – it’s good that you are still pushing on to read it though.


    • Raspberry Rose, it sounds delicious! 😀
      As I was saying to Tanya I am going to have to stock up and rotate! The Creme Caramel sounds gorgeous!

      I think I might have to put this book away with not very much hope of coming back to it! There are so many other books I want to read and it is just holding me up! 😀


    • The lip butter is absolutely divine! You should most definitely try it out. There are a variety of ‘flavours’!
      – Creme Caramel
      – Raspberry Rose
      – Original
      I think I am going to have to get the first two very soon and rotate!

      I really do not like to stop a book before I get half way but this one really is testing my patience!


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