Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-Thon


I stumbled across this read-a-thon thanks to the lovely Tanya over at Girl XOXO – please do visit her page she is a breath of fresh air in a whirlwind of meme’s.

How it works

Dates: 7th – 17th Feb

What to do: Read as much as possible in an effort to reduce the dreaded to be read pile. 

Participation: Sign up HEREeven if you can only take part for a day it is better than nothing.

There are challenges that you can take part in, also don’t forget to check out the Twitter party being hosted at  #WWReadathon – the link will take you to a chat room where I can only guess all things Valentine’s Read-a-thon will be discussed. As far as sharing progress goes posting to Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook and your blog is the way to go. There is a reminder to make sure that your profiles are public so we can all share progress. 

Now with all of the how to, what and when sorted out it is time to think about my TBR pile and what I would like to get finished.

So far these are the books that I would like to attempt reading:

Rivers of London


The Aaronovitch books were recommended to me by Catherine (Vintage Frills). I am pleased to say that I actually have both in paperback but I am searching high and low for the other two. I was lucky enough to find the first two in a charity shop however that last two continue to elude me so the search continues!

the first true lie my Marina Mander

This ridiculous little book continues to gnaw away at my brain in hope of continuation and a speedy end. I am still in hope that it will end on a high note compared to the begin. I have yet to read any other reviews as I do not want anything to shape an opinion before I have had the opportunity to fully form my own.

If by miracle I finish all three books I will be posting again to let you know what is next on my list – be warned dear readers – there are a LOT of books in the pipeline!

knock it out the parkThis photo was found online – please click for source

Hopefully I will be able to ‘knock this out the park’ so to speak!


2 thoughts on “Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-Thon

  1. So glad you found us and are joining us for the read-a-thon! Good luck on your goals – the first two books look really intriguing, I’ve never heard of them or the author before! The last book looks good too.. I’m a mystery/suspense lover at heart and that title makes me drool ;D I hope you end up liking the end!


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