Too Much is Not Enough

Over the past couple of weeks myself and Catherine (Vintage Frills) have been a little bit naughty in the beauty department. Spending madly instead of thrifting and with what seems like an unhealthy addiction to Treacle Moon’s delectably scented bath products.

final tesco haul

Even though there are a lot of sale BARGAINS right there all of those £1 items really do add up. My bill for the whole kit and caboodle was approximately £30 as I also purchased some food items whilst out shopping. Now you may think this is ok if I am stocking up for a nuclear war, buying for presents or just not planning on buying for another decade – well I am NOT!

From Bubble Bath to Beauty Mags it really seems like too much is not enough. Well we have both agreed to curb the spending and become thrift mongers over the next ‘many’ months in an effort to save for our separate goals which will all be revealed later this year.

I will be making a barometer to track my savings and will post it as I steadily (and hopefully) increase my wedge! I won’t be putting how much I have saved as that is private but at least you can see my progress if any is made and if not send me some shouty CAPITALS to get my derrière into gear to keep it up.

Back to work for me today and apologies for the lack of posts. I am starting my Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-thon today and will be making time to read more from now until the 17th. Check out My Shelf Confession’s blog to find out more about it and even join in.

Any plans for the big Valentine’s Day guys? Or something that is not related at all?


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