It’s Monday . . . wait?!

Ok so I am a little late but I have to say *whew* what a busy weekend it has been. I am still playing catch up with my Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day (I will get there by the end of the day hopefully!). So what have I been up to . . .


Rivers of London

This is the first book on my list for the Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-thon and I am absolutely loving it. At the moment I will keep schtum about how I feel as all will be revealed in my review with a small summary in the wrap up post I hope to write for the read-a-thon!


final tesco haul

That ‘small’ collection is just the icing on top of a very large cake I seem to have concocted. My addiction to make up products seems to have taken a vigorous turn for the broke end of things as I just can’t stop picking it up. However myself and Catherine (Vintage Frills) who also seems to have this illustrious bug have made a pact to become thrifty over the next couple of months. I hope it works!

There are a couple of products in the picture above that I am adoring right about now and they are:

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nordic Berry Lip Care

F&F Eye Liner Ink – Black

There will be reviews for these products some time this week so keep your eyes peeled.


Over the past week I have been using hand cream at every opportunity and my hands really have thanked me for it. Another hit to my wallet was my new hand cream stash however I can slightly justify this stash as I know it is a product that I will use every day for work if nothing else. Being a nurse DAMAGES your hands and if I don’t want them to look old before their time I need to pay attention to them.

Last weeks favourite is . . .

lacura hand cream

With a massive thank you to Catherine for picking this up for me I have stashed this beauty in my locker at work for those moments when dry just will not cut it.

A review will be posted this week. 


Composting is still happening however I am having a bit of an overflow problem. With such beautiful british weather (oh the sarcasm!) I really need to get hold of a garden composter to empty out my kitchen waste. Maybe next payday! Or I could try and build my own – hmmm!

Otherwise at home

quinoa cooking

I have been experimenting with new foods and Quinoa (pronounced Kee-noir – thanks Catherine!) is a new favourite. Used as a rice substitute and after my first try quite easy to cook it was mixed with a range of things from various recipes that I adapted.

The picture above was taken by myself, I will brand it soon! 

A recipe for the above picture with other pictures will be posted soon.

What have you been up to?



Please do share . . .

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