Sweets for my Sweet

Last night Catherine & myself decided to concoct various cocktails with the running theme of Valentine’s Day. Anything pink goes right?! Well you would think so however it wasn’t as simple as bish bash bosh. There was alcohol, fruit and a variety of other pink paraphernalia all of which would orchestrate our movements towards some pretty awesome cocktails. From Cupid’s Gin Fizz to Berry Rum Smoothies we were two lean (not in my case!), mean, cocktail making machines. With our arsenal of props which ranged from Love Heart candies to Candle sparklers (which didn’t sparkle!).

As promised the following drinks are romantically themed and made straight from the heart (yes I said it!)

Love You Berry Much

Berry Rum Punch


50 ml Appleton Rum

1 Handful of Morello Cherries

1 Handful of Raspberries

Grenadine to taste


Lime Wedge


– Shake rum and Morello cherries vigorously with ice

– Strain into glass jars

– Add cherries, followed by Grenadine for taste

– Top with Cherryade

– Garnish with Wedge of lime

Cupid’s Gin Twist

Cupid's Gin Twist


50 ml Gin

Moscow Mixer

Lime Cordial

Lime Wedges


– Gin goes in with a dash of lime cordial

– Top with Moscow Mixer

– Garnish with Lime Wedges

Roses Are Pink

Roses Are Pink


50 ml Gin

50ml Vodka

Dash of Rose Water

Pink Lemonade

Lime Slice


– Shake the gin, vodka and rose-water with crushed ice

– Strain into glass

– Top with pink lemonade

– Garnish with slice of lime

Cherry Lust

Cherry Lust


50 ml Vodka

Cherry Lambrini

Lime Cordial

Lime Slice


– Shake the vodka and lime cordial

– Add Cherry Lambrini to the shaker

– Shake gently and pour

– Garnish with Lime Slice

Grapefruit Crush

grapefruit crush


50 ml Vodka

50ml Gin

Pink Grapefruit Juice

Soda Water

Red Grapefruit wedge

Half a lime


– Vodka, Gin, Grapefruit Juice – shake vigorously together

– Squeeze half a lime into the mix

– Top with Soda water

– Push the wedge of lime into the bottle and top with a straw

Be warned guys this one is quite a sharp one – reminiscence of a Breakfast Martini

Rum of Hearts

Rum of Hearts


50-100ml Appleton Rum

Grenadine Syrup

Red Grape Juice

Handful of Summer Fruits

1 Packet of Love Hearts

Glacier Cherries

Strawberry Bon Bons


– Summer Fruits and Love Hearts blended together

– Add the Grenadine syrup and Red Grape Juice – Blend again

– Add copious amounts of Rum & Ice – Blend again!

– With the Glacier Cherry and Bon Bon on a stick balance on top

As you may notice this particular picture is missing a Strawberry Bon Bon – check out the picture below!

threes not a crowd

As you can see we gave it a pretty good go at bar tending. Only one out of our delectable selection didn’t turn out as we originally planned but the end taste was still sweet as pie.

Before we started our mixology session we of course did some research into the beautiful world of cocktails. Pinterest boards were made and recipes and shopping lists written. The above are parts from various of our favourite recipes and adapted to make something fresh and hopefully original. If you like the look of the cocktails then by all means try them out as they were all delicious. Let us know what you think and how you get on with them yourselves!

Overall it was a great evening but as Catherine was quite busy taking the pictures she didn’t get to drink all of her delicious treats. Next time we have vowed to take less pictures and drink more cocktails!

How are your plans for Valentine’s Day coming along?


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