It’s Monday Again

As with most weeks when Monday comes around again it seems like there has been a flurry of activity over the past week and weekend just gone. What have you been up to I wonder?

Finished Reading

Rivers of London

The review for this book will be posted when I have a day off this week. Just so you know for now however the book is absolutely awesome. Well worth the read and does not take that long to get through it as you will get caught up in the excitement.

Currently Reading


This book was started on Audio however I have the paper copy at home and think I will switch over as soon as possible. There is something about audio books that I really cannot get along with. After recently trying to cycle to work I listened to this and it was great to pass the time but I much prefer to read the physical book.


Trax Bike

FINALLY! I got my bike back from my old house and got it a bit of TLC from the guys at Halfords. Not only when I got on it did my seat slide down but my mud guard was crooked and I only realised it wasn’t screwed tight when I got back from a cycle with a world of mud up my back and sides! Bad stuff aside it feels great to be able to cycle again even though I have only been out twice on the bike since its reappearance in my life. Summer this year will be extra fun with this bad boy and there are hopes that once I have finished saving for something else close to my heart there will be another bike on the distant horizon. For now however this will do!

Love that film!

So blog lovelies what has been happening out there? Connect with me!!!!


5 thoughts on “It’s Monday Again

  1. I loved the first book in the Peter Grant series. I keep meaning to get round to moving further in to the series but I tend to suck when it comes to completing series… I have recently added Moon Over Soho to my wishlist though so I may well be reading it sooner than I think.
    Happy Reading!


    • Both just great! As I said to Jade I am trying to keep a notebook to do a little London visit of the places mentioned most in the books! We should do a day out! xx


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