Birmingham Fashion Week 2014

Attention Fashion Lovers

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Blog A Book Etc is heading to Birmingham Fashion Week on the weekend of 28th February. I thought it would be only right to give you a run down of the happenings that may occur whilst I am there. I will be getting the train from London Euston up to Birmingham New Street on the afternoon of the 28th. After settling in I’ll be making plans from there whether to go to a show or catch up on some posts before getting ready and heading out. 

The schedule for the weekend looks like it will definitely be fun so check it out on the BIFW website. I am sure that as long there is coffee and my laptop charger I will have no excuse! There will be plenty of photos taken and hopefully some new outfits worn.

There are some great up and coming designers that are showcasing their work over the weekend and here are some examples of my favourites so far.

 What Alice Found

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In 2009 Nicki Grainger started out with an online Vintage hobby. 2010 however was the year that spread the love for this fantastic company. With a feature in Glamour magazine a Vintage boutique was born in Bournemouth and in three years began to make a name for itself. Sadly in the past month the permanent hotspot for Vintage closed its doors but opened up many more as a travelling concept boutique and styling agency.

As a girl a family friend made several comments about Nicki’s inquisitive nature and how it reminded them of the epic Lewis Carol adventure Alice in Wonderland. After taking in hand her first copy of the famous literary masterpiece and getting into her rhythm the name was decided. What Alice Found was born – the perfect name for a company that provided a wonderland of vintage items. Each time you step into the treasure trove you never know what you will find and in what size. Although some may find this a bit hit and miss it is all part of the extraordinary experience that What Alice Found provides. Lucky dip some may call it.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 19.39.43

Nicki Grainger is the brain behind the operation and with her vast experience in the field of fashion, marketing and styling What Alice Found is going from strength to strength. As vintage has become quite mainstream in the past few years Nicki ensures that What Alice Found is different from many others out there. With carefully curated shops, displays and items there is not a crammed rail in sight and that well-known musty ‘Vintage’ smell is no more.

A pure love for re homing beautiful clothes with a touch of wonderland. Sounds almost dream like doesn’t it!

alice in wonderland

Now you know all about this fabulous designer please pop over to the website (link below) and check out what else is on offer. Currently there is a collection available on the ASOS Marketplace so check that out too.

‘What Alice Found’

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