REVIEW: Ozeri Moderna Double Walled Espresso Cups

ozeri espresso 2

These delightful cups come in a pack of four for £18.95 on Amazon. The price may seem quite steep however the item is quality and they are just sexy and simple. With finger grooves on each one for an easy hold and a double wall to protect from the heat of your lovely steaming hot beverage these are the perfect modern espresso cup.

As an avid coffee drinker these wonderful double walled espresso cups were the perfect addition to my collection of kitchen bits and pieces. Not only are they pretty but they are compact and fit perfectly in the cupboard. ozeri espresso 3

Here is the item in full view and you can just about see the finger grooves.

ozeri espresso 1

£18.95 on Amazon 

Recently I am sure I caught them in a Nescafe Espresso advert but I cannot find the footage so I will keep looking!



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