Bloggiesta Wrap Up

Bloggiesta Finish Line

To Do List

1. Change blog theme

2. Schedule 1 week of posts/templates

3. Filter saved images

4. Clean up sidebars

5. Comment 1o new blogs

6. Update instagram and post at least 5 #tagged photos

7. Update Goodreads

8. Find 10 new blogs on Bloglovin

So looking at my list it doesn’t actually appear that I have been that active. Going on my original to do list title of 2 Hours of Bloggiesta I actually set a timer and two hours later the results of my activities are outlined below. With regards to social networking I have never thought of myself as a pariah but I have never been someone who has been an all in kind of person. Today the ball game changed and I social networked my butt off! Take a look!

Twitter – 19 New Follows

Pinterest – 17 New Follows

Facebook – 16 New Likes

Google + – 10 New Follows

Bloglovin’ – 15 New Follows

Goodreads – 19 New Follows

Instagram – 12 New Follows

You Tube – 5 New Subscriptions

Tumblr – 7 New Follows

Comments – 12 Comments Made

busy bee

Busy bee right! I have to say that I am incredibly proud of myself and once I have finished writing this post I will try and finish the rest of my list! After I have pooped myself out I will be looking at many of the other wrap up posts to see how everyone else got on!

Well done guys ‘n’ gals!

6 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Wrap Up

    • Thanks hun! We need a bloggy day and soon – lots of sunshine (hopefully) with a big pot of tea and maybe some more haribo!!! FROZEN!!!!xx


    • Aww thank you! I am still chipping away but for now heading to bed before work tonight! Your blog is AWESOME by the way so cute and fancy 😀


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