Almost Marrying an African . . .


Recently a member of my family was involved in a road traffic accident. Now before you start dolling out the sympathy votes his way think about this. The family member in question and his friend were both completely drunk and decided that despite one of them living about five minutes away from all of the bars they had frequented that night they would hop on a moped (NOT A MOTORBIKE) and wheedle their way through the ‘safe’ streets of south london and Surrey heading for Teddington way. On reaching Teddington they decided that being absolutely trollied already was not enough and decided to stop off at yet another pub for yet another bevvy.

Let me just say at this point I am absolutely DISGUSTED at what my family did as his irresponsible actions not only put himself into hospital, worried his entire family but had the potential to put any unwarned member of the public at risk. Not that there was anybody about at stupid o’clock in the morning – that is besides the point. Irresponsible, ridiculous and just plain DUMB.

On arrival to the hospital for the second time in one day to visit my family member his parents had arrived and when chastising him his father decided to remind me that we all make stupid decisions that get us into trouble and this is where I have to quote him ‘Well you almost married an african last year – remember?’

But just not yet! Let me say my piece first!

To Whom it May Concern/Society,

I was unaware that marrying a certain culture was known as a fate worse than death (literally) and that it was something that put someone else in danger as it is reckless and irresponsible. I was also unaware that by me falling in love and almost marrying someone it had a long-term effect on a member of my family who is not my immediate family. To this person I say ARE YOU SERIOUS??? In what bigoted, uneducated world are you living in?

In a world that is dominated by hatred, greed and just ridiculous people should we not be striving to get on with one another and not spread words of hate due to someones origin?

Now I understand that there are times where ‘Africans’ in particular the men (not all of them as it would not be fair to tar all with the same brush!) have given themselves a bad name but isn’t it true that each individual should be judged for exactly that BEING AN INDIVIDUAL.

Going on my family members opinion I should marry a white guy (no other – because they don’t have issues of their own???) and that is that!

Well this is what I am saying to you.

I will kiss, cuddle, have sex with, make love to, get engaged, get married to, live with whoever the F%*K I like and you cannot do a DAMN thing about it. And if you try instead of letting it go as I have with this ridiculous incident you will find yourself in a situation where you will be told about yourself and members of your immediate family – some things I am sure of which you DO NOT KNOW!  You are showing yourself up to a bigoted, uneducated miscreant and as a member of my family I really wish you would not do such a thing. Very sad indeed!

check yourself white

And just so you FORGOT that I am actually mixed race you blind FOOL!

ice cube check yourself

One thing that I really hope will happen is that when this member of my family does eventually ending up needing help and there is a more than willing AFRICAN man I do hope that considering he harbours so much hatred for them he will deny the help. Somehow I doubt that will happen!


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