9th Hour and Counting

Hours Listened: 3

Hours Read: 6

Pages Read: 110 (Man I need to up my game with concentration!)

Books Finished: 0

Tweets: More than 30 (Way too many!)

Pictures taken: 14

Cups of Coffee: 3

Feeling: A bit annoyed that my progress is so slow 😦

Song of the Hour: So Easy by Röyksopp (Have a listen it is a great concentration builder)


10 thoughts on “9th Hour and Counting

  1. If you can read and tweet? You’ve got mad concentration skills! And before you know it? Your TBR pile will be gone!


    • Finished The Alchemist which although an AMAZING read dragged like mad! I am on another book now which took 15 minutes to read about 35 pages!


    • Doing both but done with my co-host tweeting part so gonna do a quick update then back to the reading! Going to do a personal catch up after it has finished as want to get stuck into my reading pile! Small dent made only so far! Very small!


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