22nd Hour – Oooh Weeee!

koalas 22 hoursIs that true?!

Hours Listened: 3

Hours Read: 14

Pages Read: 250

Books Finished: 1

Tweets: Too many to even contemplate counting!

Pictures taken: 17 (Really only that many! It felt like so many more!)

Cups of Coffee: 8

Feeling: Happy that everyone is enjoying the read-a-thon so much but wanted to have read more by now!

Song of the Hour: Icarus by Bastille

This song is one of my ultimate favourites since finding the wonderful Bastille – I know they are so well-known for Pompei but this and one other song Flaws are my favourites from their album Bad Blood. As I am typing this I am listening to it and jiggling in my seat as I turn up the volume bid you farewell and DANCE AROUND MY KITCHEN TO THIS EPIC TUNE AND MAKE MORE COFFEE!!!!!


4 thoughts on “22nd Hour – Oooh Weeee!

  1. Really well done! And yes koalas sleep that much, they are drugged out on eucalyptus.

    Happy Reading!

    Jill from Team Butler


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