Read-a-thon Finish Line

I am having a little party over here at Blog A Book Central! I have made it through another Read-A-Thon and am feeling über great! As I have only made it through one book and steadily going through my second I will be extending my read-a-thon a little longer as I would like to make a bigger dent in my reading pile!

For those of you that have read a colossal amount of pages, listened to the so much audio you cannot physically listen to any more or you have been tirelessly cheering everyone on . . .


Here are some tunes that I think are appropriate for this time of the thon!

This is how most of us probably feel where all the lines are truly blurred but you know what – sit back listen and relax YOU HAVE DONE IT! #Winner!

This is a slightly older song than most that I am listening to right now but it really is just great! We have all made it this far into the Read-A-Thon and we really are TITANIUM! How cheesy am I!!!

Are you having a good time! Did you have a good time! I did! Let’s do it all again next time!

This song has made many cry with joy including the wonderful artist Pharell! I love this song because it makes me very Happy – does what it says on the tin!

I have to dedicate this song to my friend Catherine – she loves it as much as I do!

I will be back later today commenting, following and all that jazz. So . . .

peace out yall


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