3 Favourite Books

As a reader of a variety of books and genres it was quite hard to narrow down just three books that I absolutely loved and will someday take great pleasure in reading again. When I write a review the toughest part of it is the rating at the end. No matter how much considering and time goes into the actual review for some reason that part in particular is where I always struggle.

When I began writing reviews a couple of years ago I was torn between hurting peoples feelings and going with what the majority had said. However over time that has stopped and I have realised that if I want to be taken seriously and people to value what I say then it has to be nothing but the truth.

There are books out there that I have read and simply did not like and thought did not warrant a review from myself. There are also books that I have read and like to keep my thoughts to myself. These three books however have stood out from all the rest and the funny thing is that there was no question what rating they would receive.

The three books that I am about to introduce to you and you may already have read, loved, disliked are strong top markers for me!

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In no particular order of the three here we go!

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

This book honestly changed the way I read – not only was it one of the first reading challenges that I took part in on my blog. Never having travelled prior to reading this my plans drastically changed. It took a lot of time and saving to actual go on my first trip but it has given me the bug and I cannot wait to travel again! Currently I am at a bit of a loose end and I cannot find my copy of this book so am searching high and low! Calling for any anonymous lovely donators of a copy!!! I feel it is time to get re-acquainted with Lin and Prabu. I wonder how long it will take me to read it this time!

mr penumbra

As I love all things books and book shops especially those older ones that whenever you are searching for something you feel like you are digging for gold this book was like striking gold. A book about codes and all things hidden this was the perfect book to get lost in and build up the momentum for a truly great story. I was sad to say goodbye to Ajax and friends but and hoping that there will be a continuation of just one more book! Definitely time for a re-read! Once again I believe I need a clear out to find this book!

the-end-of-mr-yThis book was originally recommended to me by Catherine and as it was given to her by one of her close friends. Well let me tell you I am so glad that she recommended this book to me. Much like Penumbra this book is so mysterious and delves into the possibility of other worlds within our own. I do not think that it can be categorised as fantasy or sci-fi so I am struggling to think of a genre for it. If there is anyone out there that has read this truly fabulous book and has been lucky enough to find something similar or better please do let me know as my search currently continues!

Well there you have it – my top three books and a little thought and/or feeling about each one. What are your top three? Do you find it hard to decide as there are just too many good books out there? 




2 thoughts on “3 Favourite Books

    • Thanks hun, that book is seriously wonderful – well depending on your type of book of course! I have to say it probably will be just as good or even better than you think it is! Well I hope so anyway! 😀


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