Power Cases

On a visit to the Ideal Home Show in April with Catherine we stumbled upon tech genius Nick who is the founder of the wonderful Power Cases. Not exactly a technophobe but always chasing the dream of ease of use and great packaging Nick provided me with the perfect solution for iPad storage and universal charging for my many other devices.

Power Cases

Let us start with the storage part of this delightful package shall we . . .

The case in question has three pockets available for you to use at your leisure. The main pocket is for your tablet and the other two for storage of other items. Personally I use the pocket on the left for the universal charger and the other for my numerous cables. Funnily enough I am able to fit two phones with my tablet in the main part so that is pretty much technological life on the go. I was quite surprised by the amount of stuff I could actually fit in the case without having it bursting at the seams!

powercases storage options

Take a close look at the picture on the bottom left of the image above and you will notice the bobbled inside – this serves the purpose of protection of your electrical equipment when that sturdy zip shuts and you go about your business. As I already have a cover for my iPad to test this case out I have sidelined my previous case and given in fully to Power Cases.

Did it pass the test? 

Yes it did Indeed!

Next up take a look at the universal charger – not only does it charge your devices up to four times but it has two outlets to charge at the same time and you can always plug it in at the same time. This nifty little device has served me well since getting it and also helped out a couple of colleagues at the end of a very long shift and night out afterwards. After working a 13 hour shift and going for a drink to wind down the last thing you need on your way home is a dead phone down a dark road! Thanks to Power Cases this will happen no more (as long as your universal charger is charged!).

universal charger

Both products are absolutely wonderful they are simple, effective and stylish. The universal charger in a shocking red is particularly stylish however only coming in one colour may not attract the attention of the fashion conscious individual when there are other items on the market that bend to the fashion rules! They are both particular good-looking products that would fit in with the typical modern-day bachelor and are both affordable.

Universal Charger – £44.99

Tablet Case – £59.99

Now those prices may seem quite high but the quality of the products is outstanding and they will last you for an incredibly long time. The other thing about this brand in particular is that it is not incredibly well-known and the products are really just quite nice.

If you haven’t already got a charger or case I would seriously consider these products as they are something quite special.


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