IMWAYR: From Sunday to Now!

It's Monday What Are You Reading?

It has been a long while since I have taken part in any meme’s on my blog and this is one that I used to regularly partake so I reckon it is a good point to start again! There have been quite a few books and a couple of audiobooks since the last time I took part but the ones in my life at the moment are listed below. Before we get there I just want to say a big thank you to Sheila at Book Journey who runs this awesome meme and gets us all together!

Physical Book

The Humans by Matt Haig

This book is incredibly enjoyable however it is taking me longer to read than I would like to admit – sadly due to other things going on.

Audio Book

One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern

This book daunted me slightly when I received it many moons ago now – sadly it was left on the shelf until Audible came about – as I am still listening to it I will only say that it is a delightful book to listen to.


a clash of kings

Although I am not currently reading this I am in two minds whether to go back to it as I have already watched the TV series and think it might be a little difficult to go backwards. Before the TV show came about I was hellbent on reading all of the books prior to watching the show. Well it didn’t quite work out that way!

So what are you reading?

4 thoughts on “IMWAYR: From Sunday to Now!

  1. Last book I read w as the mill on the floss. I had started it last year but never finished it so I finally decided to finish it.


      • I have a big engineering exam coming up in a couple of weeks and I’m fighting the urge to start a new book when I should be studying.


      • I am feeling the same way over here – I have to write a presentation and just keep reading for some ongoing learning but I cannot seem to keep away from the fiction. Overall I see it as a stress outlet, so in a way it has to be done! What book are you thinking of starting?!


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