AW14 Coast

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the press day for Coast in central London. Not only was the sun shining and moods lifted but the clothes were absolutely spectacular. The displays were extremely aesthetically pleasing and there were even Elderflower coolers to sip whilst browsing the new collection. I have already pretty much bankrupted myself for AW with regards to the clothes you are about to see. As I said before SPECTACULAR. Check out a few of things that caught my eye.

wrapping up warm

all the leaves are brown

late bloomers

day and night

50shades of blue

This last set of pictures are my favourites – I love the different shades of blue as they all seem to compliment each other so well. My favourite being the deep electric blue skirt shown to me kindly by one of the girls at the day. She looked amazing and made me wish even more that my waist was a little less shapely! Despite only being in two rooms there were a lot of clothes on show and some of which I will definitely be hoping that I can afford!

Lastly before I leave you I would like to say a massive thank you to Coast for having me and Catherine and an even bigger thank you for our press pack and goody envelope.


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