3 Nights

I wish I could say one more night but then I would be lying to you and myself! Truth be told when I get home today there are only two more to go as one has finally passed. But then again it is the same ol’ drum beat next week for the weekend. I tell you what – the life of a nurse is something else entirely. However it is one that I would not change for anything in the world (just yet!).

When I am not at work I am trying to keep up with my blog, life in general and reading for work – things can get pretty hectic and it is incredibly stressful but it’s either deal with it or go under right?!

There are days when I feel like

vintage crying

I can however reassure you that the majority of the time I am happy about my new position.
Despite being in my current post for almost 6 months everything still feels incredibly new and at times very stressful.

That is all for now as  I am really tired and need to sleep for tonight! I will be back tomorrow hopefully and if not then MONDAY!

What is stressing you out at the moment?

What takes up the majority of your time?

Is it really worth it?


Please do share . . .

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