Yet another Monday has rolled around and once again I am working night shifts. Joy of joys however is that this morning I am finishing my stint of nights and looking forward to a couple of days off. The weekend just gone has been an absolute scorcher and as I spent most of it in bed I am hoping for the glorious weather to continue. Nails to be painted,Β life to be lived and all that jazz!

Anyway enough blabbing and back to the books.

Currently Reading

lemon-groveYesssss! I know! I said I was going to read something else but as I have just officially joined Books Underground this is the first book that will be discussed at Book Club and I want to get a jump-start!

Listening To


Yep that’s right ladies and gents I am listening to the same book that I am reading! Somehow it seems better to listen to the same book that I am reading! More options to get through it right!

The Vintage Girl by Hester Browne

Still making my way through this one and still loving it but you will have to wait and see what I think about it!

There was a bit of radio silence over the weekend but I am hoping to catch up in blog land over the next couple of days!

Whilst I have your attention check out BOOKS UNDERGROUND it is truly fabulous and has even made it over in the US known asΒ BOOKS ON THE SUBWAY

What are you up to?



12 thoughts on “#IMWAYR

  1. I like the idea of reading and listening to the same book. That is usually the way I do it. I like reading it to see how the names are spelled and because reading is faster for me. But I also like hearing stories. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


    • I have never done it before so it is very new to me but I have to say I do like it – it just gives you more options. It does however open up the option for going one step further and having the book on kindle just for extra convenience! I think I may do that eventually! As I like to keep my books in good condition keeping them at home is much better than lugging them around!


    • I will be heading over to see your week in a couple minutes! Thanks for the link! The Lemon Grove is actually a great read – very racy in some parts! Also a good listen and nice to hear the different accents!


  2. I’ve considered reading and listening to the same book at the same time. I thought that might get confusing as to what page (or minute) you are on. I’m curious to hear how it works for you! Have a great week!


    • As mentioned in another comment I have never done it before as I thought the same but if you stick to chapters then it is pretty easy. I find it hard to not finish a chapter once started unless I have to really rush off and do something! Try it! You might just love it! Have a great week yourself πŸ˜€


    • It really is so much easier! Now I just need the e-book for everything too! Or is that too excessive! Well I don’t think so just yet just convenient!!!


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