Love, Sex and Other Stuff

At the moment the presence of love in my life is pretty much non-existent but the sex oh no sir! I do not make a habit of skipping merrily between sexual partners as I am not a predator but more a creature of habit so as long as a clean bill of health is there and we know a bit about one another then why not. Many may admonish this behaviour as tactless but when you are single and young (bordering!) why is it so wrong to have fun.

There is the age old debate of when men do it they are legends and woman branded slappers but you know what that is such a ludicrous thought that the majority of people who think that way are either too old to be banging someone else or just attached to someone else.

It is rare that I write like this on this blog but taking my blog back to its ‘roots’ (yes I said it!) I think it is time for me to just write sometimes instead of following form and complying with the masses. If you read it then hurrah and if not then it is a place that I have been able to document my thoughts and feelings and if I feel to in the future share and/or look back and weep with shame or laugh my ass off.

Now on with the show.

Over the past week I have been reading more and more blogs about sex, love and the like and have found myself in stitches as the writers really have had some experiences that I have either shared or just gawped at whilst reading as I could only imagine such things happening to me. Whatever the weather fun seems to be the main word and I am looking to have more of it so hopefully my blog pages will be slightly more colourful. However knowing myself I will most likely fall into a relationship get a bit tubby and just crack on with the boring!



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