That Time . . .

It gets to that point in time (of the month) where there are certain days that you really need some alone time. By alone time I mean sitting in the coffee shop sipping on your favourite beverage, a spot of people watching and documenting my not so inner most thoughts for you guys to indulge in over coffee and the croissant that I have been dreaming of eating ever since starting Slimming World eight weeks ago.

Watching tortured souls sitting across from me pondering the meaning of life whilst pouring their life’s worth into their computer screens on nearest notebook. The wi-fi thieves (non paying customers), the book readers, the girl groups, the boy groups and the other loners. People, people everyone and such wonderful peace and quiet.

The phone rings and someone I met on one of the dating sites I previously mentioned is on the other end wanting me to pick up the phone. As I am in a fairly anti-social mood I figure it is better for both of us and my reputation as the nice one (don’t laugh!) to ignore the call send a polite I’m sorry message and continue this post. The call cuts off, message sent and the phone resumes its jingle imploring me to ‘ANSWER THE SODDING PHONE‘. One day I will learn my lesson and not give out my number – when I am not sure but I feel it is coming soon. The days that mobile phones were used in emergency only have long been forgotten and now with myself being one such individual like many others out there is usually glued to her tech device that does everything bar take a dump for you.

Now back to me . . .

I can safely say that I don’t think I am the only person in the world that feels fowl when it gets to a certain point in the month. However I can only speak for myself and I much prefer to be left completely alone if possible. That being said when I am at home I rarely get time alone to shit in peace so I seek solace elsewhere (the coffee shop) where my laptop and headphones are my great companions that assist me in shutting out the outside world whilst cracking on with doing just me. As you can tell I am quite an insular person that is more than happy to enjoy my own space without interruption or distraction.

When it is you time of the month how do you shut out everyone else? For guys do you have grumpy periods in the month where you just cannot be bothered with others?

Open up people, don’t just hit like actually say your piece. If it offends someone then they choose to read it and have to deal with it.



6 thoughts on “That Time . . .

  1. I dont have many “times of the month” anymore. Since the whole “hyperthyroid/hashimoto’s disease” diagnosis thing. IF the freaking pill to regulate the thyroid didnt give me horrific chest pains/tachycardia I’d be buying the newest, thinnest, pads along with a lot of other gals.
    maybe its a blessing? hmmm….
    Ive ALWAYS been a “loner” though..Sometimes I wonder if I hate people. I can deal with a lot of shit ppl put out, I can deal with ppl who have “issues”, mood swings, etc.
    My “line” is ppl who ask me to do for them what they’d NEVER do for me. This could for anything.
    If you continually DOG your other friends to me , what do you say behind MY back?
    Hey, we all gotta vent. If my friend “Sue” drove me nuts I’ll vent to “Mary” about it, BUT I will NOT bad mouth and dog “Sue”. I wont say anything I dont mind being repeated.
    Of course I screw up. Ill feed into gossip or smack talkin every so often. I always feel like shit afterwards though. I remember being on the receiving end too.
    I am a little too sensitive sometimes.
    I grew up watching my Dad-who raised me- be a total loner. I think it rubbed off big time once I hit my late 20′s.
    I know this is probably all over the place, off topic, but I like being able to be honest without judgement.
    I enjoyed this post of yours. Made me laugh & I could relate.
    Your coffee shop makes you pay for wifi use? How do ppl steal it?
    Ive seen few places that make you pay. Mostly they have their own free signal for you or you can connect to your cable companies public signal (Optimum, Time Warner, ATT, etc.)
    I think wifi should be free in public and be everywhere.


    • Sometimes I feel like I really dislike (‘hate’) people too, however I think it just boils down to their pure lack of common sense and utter stupidity in so many simple situations. Frustration is born from the lack of control over a situation (well for me anyway!) and having someone do something ridiculously stupid when they know it is is something that I would like to change but cannot.

      As for the hyperthyroid/hashimoto’s disease sorry to hear about that hun – it must be tough to have to deal with such a big thing especially if the pills have such heavy side effects, are there no alternatives? I am sure you have tried!

      I’m really glad you enjoyed this post and do hope you come back for more as I am sure there will be more!

      The coffee shop thing when I say thieving, I mean it in the loosest sense when people have actually just come in a skanked it completely, taking up seats that are for customers! I mean at least buy one beverage or SOMETHING!!! It is however free!

      Your comment made me giggle after a long hard day at work – thank you 😀


      • I know what you mean about the WIFI Hogs! It was one of the yukkiest, snowiest, blizzards yet (last winter) & we lost power. We headed to Starbucks thinking a Peppermint Mocha would do the trick. The place was predictably jammed. They were asking ppl to follow 15 minute limits at tables.
        Some ppl MOVE INTO the coffee shop! There’s those few in every shop that dont cause trouble, but love to loiter with their 1 small coffee for 8 hours. lol.
        Or the ones who request a free water then set up shop to play Farmville all day. lolz


      • 15 minute limits wowza! That would suck as I love to sit and have a good few cups of coffee! I am definitely not a loiterer! (Is that even a word!)
        The one thing that irritates me is when people go to another coffee shop buy the food and coffee from there and then ask for a cup of water just so they can sit down! What a cheek!
        Farmville! Wow I thought there was something new by now!!! 😀


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