Sweat It Out

After a long weekend of birthday celebrations and embracing my new number I am now suffering not so much in silence at home. As I sit in my bed with a pile of movies (mostly Disney!), bottle of Lucozade, Honey and Lemon and a bottle of simple linctus I am willing myself to get better so I can get on with things and enjoy my days off over the next week. 

From You’ve Got Mail to Pulp Fiction my selection of films and the time I have to watch them really does blow my mind. In some ways I wish I could dedicate my time to reading but when I say I have been watching said films I have been in and out of consciousness whilst the characters tell me their stories once again as I can recite some and just pass others by. 

I would ask for help but whenever I am sick all I want more than anything else is alone time. Well that and chocolate ice cream so unless you are bringing me Belgian Chocolate Häagen Dazs and the biggest pizza known to man then it is just me, the TV and the blogosphere. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 17.26.32What are the things that make you feel better when you are sick?

What are your feel good films?




Please do share . . .

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