Terrible Tonsillitis

Yes ladies and gents I am sick. Not fed up but full-blown medically sick. After a short visit to the doctor today it is confirmed that I have quite an aggressive bout of acute tonsillitis with badly blistered tonsils so painful that I can only take in fluids and other such items like ice lollies. Oh how I wish for some tagliatelle and cheese! I will be heading to my local italian on the first day I am back to normal. One of the many dishes of dream of eating is the one below which can be found on the BBC Food website HERE.

Tagliatelle, Pasta, Food, Blog A Book Etc, BBC Food, Chick Peas, Pecorino, Cavolo Nero, Italian, Italia, Italy


Now most would not complain about my current diet as it consists mostly of ice cream and ice lollies but when you are used to a life of stodge – its HARD. It may seem that I have nothing to complain about but not only was it my birthday but I’ll damn well cry because I want to.

Whining, Bitching, Moaning, It Keeps me Young, Quotes, Blog A Book EtcOne year older and with tonsillitis as a present – yay for me!

How are things with you?

I look forward to reading about your lovely selves after I have showered yet again due to continuous sweaty bouts!



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