Elizabeth Gilbert the Coyote

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Photo credit to Ronald Andren

From a Coyote to a world-renowned Author. Elizabeth Gilbert wrote an article in GQ a while back now about what it was like to be a real Coyote. Now after the film Coyote Ugly was released I am sure there were hoards of girls wanting to don their cowboy boots and low slung denims up on a bar shaking their money-maker. And yes ladies and gents I was (and still am!) one of those!

So, in my search for the real Coyote bar I clicked on a link to the founders history sheet and nestled within the deep secrets of Liliana Lovell was a passage about the woman herself Elizabeth Gilbert. Not only was it a surprise to find out about dearest Liz BUT Liliana herself has a link to my past. Maybe not in this particular country but the name of Ursuline High School is definitely widely known.

Check out the site and Liliana’s history – it is pretty cool and will make you want to book the next flight out to your closest saloon!

Coyote Ugly Saloon, Coyote Ugly, Bar, Alcohol, Night Out, Blog A Book Etc


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