Essie Obsession

Ladies and Gents my name is Fay and I am a nail polish addict

On a shopping trip with the mother the other day I managed to add 12 new Essie shades to my collection of one solitary bottle. I see a serious addiction in the making and I am not asking for any help to cull this. Being a nurse I am not allowed to have painted nails at work or extensions so every chance I get my nails are painted and with as many different beautiful shades that I can find. My nail varnish collection is slowly (hmm!) growing and I am in need of yet MORE storage.

 Red EssiesWith over 250 shades of polish and only a small selection in stores it was very hard to pick the right ones. However thanks to Polyvore and the medium of online shopping I had a rough idea of what I wanted. Looking at my selection I think I managed to get a good range of reds and all will be perfect for the upcoming season change.

Personally I have never been daring enough to wear a bright red nail varnish or lipstick so the varnish on the left of the picture is quite out there for me but I will definitely be giving it a go with my winter knits!

Bordeaux Essie

Bordeaux which is the second from the right that I have tried out first and it just looks so delicious on. Not only is it easy to apply with Essie’s beautiful extra thick brushes once on and sealed with top coat it really does stick.

Many Shades of Grey

Now ladies get your minds out of the fifty shade gutter and get back to your nails. These beauties are perfect for Autumn/Winter and many other times of year. I have a few ideas which on days off I will be trying and posting on instagram and over the winter period I will hopefully build up a small nail gallery. All for your viewing pleasure of course.

In The Blue Corner

Aren’t they beautiful – being a lover of the colour blue in general these two beauties are the perfect addition to my collection and will be showcased on as many occasions as possible. Keep checking back for updates!

Do you have a favourite brand?

Regardless of brand what is your colour?


4 thoughts on “Essie Obsession

    • I know 12 in one day but technically due to 3 for 2 only 8 (oh dear -ADDICTED!!). I feel a pamper evening coming on! And let’s not go and get more soon! Not yet anyway! With 13 at home only 261 to go -Eeek! xx


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